The 5 Qualities of a Responsible Leader

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In a business, the CEO or figurehead of authority represents and is responsible for the entire company: its financial performance, the quality of the resources, products and services, the partnerships, employee health and security and the social and ethical responsibilities to name a few.


He/she needs to be surrounded with colleagues of high quality and integrity and that can assume their share of the responsibilities.


The technicians, professionals, managers, the clientele representatives who are responsible for providing the best possible service to clients (efficient and respectful answers and within a reasonable delay) or any other individual within an organization is expected to be accountable within their scope of the role and responsibility.


The duty of being accountable is linked to the leader and to his/her duty to assume the responsibility and be answerable for both positive and negative consequences and outcomes. The leader does not delegate the responsibility to others, to the past, to ignorance (by claiming to have been misinformed) or put the blame on any other excuse.


The political leader or CEO’s accountability is highlighted by the following qualities:


1. By recognizing a mistake and authentically apologizing to those who were deceived in the process.


2. By recognizing the consequences of a mistake.


3. By concentrating the following efforts on actions to be taken rather than on finding excuses, apologizing or lingering on the initial emotions of deception.


4. By presenting the actions that will be taken to fix a situation and to prevent it from being reproduced.


5. By speaking of a problem in the first person rather than hiding behind the “we” of the organization or by putting the blame on others.


The ability of a leader to authentically acknowledge and assume their accountability in any situation inspires confidence and encourages the search for solutions.


The opposite of accountability is when a leader discharges his/her responsibility on others and blames the consequence on the circumstances. This can weaken the confidence in the leader and create a lack of mobilization in the team or organization.


What do you think? Are there other qualities of a responsible leader? Feel free to share any examples or comments on the topic.


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