A 1990 Ph.D graduate of the University of Montreal, Edith Luc specializes in leadership, management development and intercultural management. Her practice essentially targets the development of competencies through the capitalization of leadership and diversity.


Her career began in 1982 at the University of Ottawa where she conducted a trans-Canadian study on adult education. In 1986, she founded Edith Luc & Associates, a management consulting firm that specializes in the development of organizations and human resources with services solicited by the public and private sectors; by local and international organizations, mostly in Quebec, but also in the United States and in Europe.


Since 2000, her professional practice consists of organizational interventions and of research in the field of leadership development, more specifically shared leadership.


In 2004, Edith Luc, Ph.D. published her first book, Le leadership partagé (Presses de l’Université de Montreal). The book presents a unique model for leadership self-development based on over 150 interviews with diverse leaders and managers. Following the success of her first publication, she published the second edition of Le leadership partagé. The English translation, Unleashing Your Leadership Potential was released in 2009.


A fourth book describing the shared leadership profiles of various groups, organizations and societies is currently under way (Fall 2012).