8 Remarkable Leaders of 2011

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Here are 8 leaders who have gotten themselves noticed during the past year either by inspiring others or by having a significant impact in their community.


For each of these leaders, I will describe the actions they took and their qualities that show their leadership skills.


I’ll get back to you in a few days to discuss some key events of 2011 that deeply influenced us as communities.




1. Lise Thériault:
    Minister of Labor and Social Services.
  • For her courage, her outspokenness, her introduction of Bill 33 in December to eliminate union placement and improve the operation of the construction industry ;

  • For her ability to stand up to some notorious figures of Quebec’s construction industry.
  • 2. Dr. Martin Juneau:
      Cardiologist ; Researcher and Prevention Service Chief at the Montreal Heart Institute ; Director of the MHI’s Center for Preventive Medicine and Physical Activity (Centre ÉPIC).
  • For his hard work and relentless research in the prevention of cardiovascular disease for over 30 years;

  • For setting himself the goal of exercising more than 15 minutes every day.
  • 3. Pauline Ladouceur:
      Teacher; member of the Fédération des Syndicats de l’Enseignement ; received the Albert Shanker Education Award; was named Quebec Volunteer Worker of the year.
  • For her positive impact on students with learning difficulties in disadvantaged communities ;

  • For openly expressing that:


    “Teaching is the most beautiful profession in the world even if seeing immediate results on students is rarely possible. One day, you start to understand that your actions have made a big difference for many children.” (translated from French)
  • 4. Jack Layton:
      Political Leader of the NDP of Canada, died on August 22nd 2011.
  • For manifesting a strong respect of his opponents despite differences of opinion during the 2011 election campaign ;

  • For his posthumous letter that reached and touched millions of Canadians:


    “My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world”.
  • 5. Isabelle Marcoux:
      Vice Chair of the Board of Transcontinental Inc. ; future President of the company.
  • For her mentoring of young entrepreneurs ;

  • For being named one of Top 100 of Canada’s Most Powerful Women for 2010.
  • 6. Jacques Duchesneau (to dare, to risk, to act):
      former Chief of Police ; international expert in the field of law and order ; author of a report on the illegal practices of Quebec’s road work industry.
  • For his outspokeness, his search for truth, his fearlessness ;

  • For the recommendations he made in his report ;

  • I suggest reading a biography on:
    Jacques Duchesneau sur le qui-vive: L’audace dans l’action (in French only).
  • 7. Angela Merkel:
      Doctorate in quantum chemistry ; current Chancellor of Germany (the first woman and first East German to fill the position).
  • For her joint efforts with other European leaders to save the European economy ;

  • For her determination and fortitude.
  • 8. Franck Riboud:
      President at Danone since 1995.
  • For offering the “All Leaders” training program to all his management staff (15,000) and suppliers with the goal of developing the leadership of both participants and their colleagues.

    These leaders remind us that leadership requires having courage and taking action, both which are guided by authenticity, outspokenness, the desire for self-improvement and the collective interest.


    To find out more about yourself, why not get inspired by these leaders and write down the leadership skills you acquired and the actions you took during the past year?


    Edith Luc, Ph. D.


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