Get Inspired by These 3 Revolutionary Groups of 2011

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Last week, I presented 8 remarkable leaders of 2011 that inspired us with their courage, authenticity and their actions motivated by the collective interest.


With the New Year approaching, here are the groups that united their efforts and managed to inspire, mobilize, and have an impact on people worldwide in the past year. TIME magazine highlighted this by choosing as person of the year the figure of the protester.


These various groups of people guided by a common objective and responsible for engaging in revolutionary actions, managed to save lives and protest despite the numerous dangers and constant threats along the way. They fought to improve their situation and question the status quo. Here are the groups that marked the year 2011 :




1. The 2000 (and more) volunteer workers
    that lent a helping hand to the victims of the floods that destroyed many houses in Montérégie, Quebec’s southwest region in the Spring of 2011.
  • For their mobilization and their collective efforts in helping and supporting the victims.
  • 2. The Arab Spring (aka The Arab Awakening):
      The wave of protests that began in Tunisia and led to manifestations in other Arab countries with the goals of increasing democracy, dignity and justice.
  • For their collective courage, their mobilization, their solidarity and their resiliency despite constant threats and repression.
  • 3. Occupy Wall Street
  • For having inspired people worldwide by demonstrating that with the help of social media, it is possible to leave behind individualistic needs in order to dedicate oneself to a common mission.

  • I also recommend reading Stéphane Hessel’s book: Time for Outrage: Indignez-Vous! (it inspired the Occupy Movement).

    Don’t hesitate to contribute to the list by adding other reasons why you think the preceding groups should be recognized or by presenting other revolutionary groups that marked the year 2011. On this note, my dear readers:


    May the Holiday season bring you friendship and shared encounters marked by joy and happiness with those who are dear to you.


    My best wishes of health, happiness and prosperity for the New Year!


    Edith Luc, Ph.D.


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