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The Four Masks of Influence: How to Mobilize in Other Ways than with Authority, Charm, Manipulation or Intimidation?

Could there be skeletons or ghosts of another era hiding behind and influencing our idea of leadership?


There are four traditional masks used by leaders to influence others, these are: authority, charisma, manipulation of the truth and intimidation. Instead …

Why Everybody Can and Should Develop their Communication Skills

Seth Godin’s short article “Open conversations (or close them)” illustrates two important aspects of communication that should be developed for those wishing to improve their leadership potential. These are:

    1. That communication skills need to be developed both inside and

The Benefits of Collective Confidence in a Group

The differences between one team or organization and another are always surprising to notice.


Some teams are pro-active, energetic and determined while others are apathetic and seem overwhelmed by their day-to-day tasks. They give the impression that their situation …

Let us Observe the Shared Leadership Amongst Flocks of Migrating Snow Geese!

The autumn skies are filled with magnificent flocks of Snow Geese flying above the cities and the countryside. Travelling in groups, these birds brush their wings against the streams to form breaking waves that resemble a high and then low …

The Case of the Tourterelle School: Shared Leadership for the Achievement of Education Objectives

I recently collaborated with the Professor Huguette Drouin, Ph.D. on an article that was published in the magazine “Le Point en Administration de l’Éducation”.

It is about the positive effects and the benefits of shared leadership through its implementation …